This publication is the end product of collaborative work among the members of the Asia-Pacific RCM Thematic Working Group on International Migration including Human Trafficking. The overall guidance and direction for the preparation of the report was provided by the Co-Chairs of the Thematic Working Group, Nanda Krairiksh, Director, Social Development Division, ESCAP and Andrew Bruce, Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The report was technically edited by Vanessa Steinmayer, ESCAP and Yuko Hamada, IOM. The inter-agency project team, which contributed to the report consisted of: Heike Alefsen (OHCHR), Nilim Baruah (ILO), Deepa Bharathi (UN Women), Jaime Calderon (IOM), Dawn Foderingham (UNAIDS), Thetis Mangahas (ILO), Smita Mitra (UN Women), Khalilur Rahman (WHO), Bishwa Nath Tiwari (UNDP), Marta Vallejo-Mestres (UNDP), Thomas Vargas (UNHCR) and Jun-Hong Hannah Wu (OHCHR).

A number of United Nations and IOM officials generously gave their time and provided technical comments, or drafted sections. Their cooperation is greatly appreciated. They include: Davide Besana (IOM), Anna Coates (ESCAP), Disha Sonata Faruque (IOM), Rabab Fatima (IOM), Laura Giammarinaro (UNHCR), Maren Jimenez (ESCAP), Brian Kelly (IOM), Robert Larsson (UNHCR), John MacGeoghan (IOM), Pia Oberoi (OHCHR), Amber Parkes (IOM), Moni Pizani (UN Women), Vipawan Pongtranggoon (UNHCR), Amit Sen (UNHCR), Anne Stenhammer (UN Women), Donovan Storey (ESCAP), Naziha Sultana (IOM), Pajaree Suwannakarn (UNHCR), Anita Jawadurovna Wadud (IOM), Jacqueline Weekers (WHO), Dan Woods (IOM), Ayumi Yaegashi (IOM) and Farahi Zmaryalai (IOM).

We also thank Jerrold Huguet, Senior Consultant and Irdudaya Rajan Sebastian, Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvanthanapuram, India for reviewing selected chapters and providing valuable insights.

We also acknowledge the contributions of the following consultants who drafted chapters for this report: Manolo Abella, Graeme Hugo, Philipp Martin, Nicola Piper and Bhindya Priesner.

The following IOM officials in the countries covered by the report collected data and reviewed the report at various stages and made important technical contributions: Amit Bhardwaj, Marco Boasso, Richard Danziger, Sarat Dash, Yelda Devlet, Pravina Gurung, Shantha Kulasekara, Nitin Kumar, Tajma Kurt, P.Nagasayee Malathy, Kristina Mejo, Hassan Abdel Moneim Mostafa, Mehran Razmher, Ali Rehman, Saleem Rehmat, Hira Mahmood, Prasuna Saakha, Abdolreza Samadzadeh, Meera Sethi, Federico Soda, Meena Poudel, Prajwal Sharma, Phonphan Tonpairoj, Etsuko Teranishi and Elizabeth Warn.
The following agencies made financial contributions to the preparation of the report: ESCAP, ILO, OHCHR, UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNODC, UN Women and WHO.

A number of government officials in the countries covered by the report cooperated in collecting current and unpublished data. Several also provided comments on the country chapters and made themselves available for consultations to ensure the accuracy of the information. Their time and support is greatly appreciated by all agencies. The report, especially the chapter on gender, draws upon the data collection of Sasi Kumar and Rakhee Thimothy of V.V. Giri National Labour Institute, India.

The team also thanks Alan Cooper who edited the final report for publication and Daniel Feary who designed the cover and layout of the report.