Islamic Republic of Iran

Key Points

  • The geographic location of the Islamic Republic of Iran lends itself to its position as a country of origin, destination and transit of mixed migration flows.
  • The Islamic Republic of Iran has long been and remains the most important destination for refugees from Afghanistan and a major destination for refugees from Iraq. The repatriation of refugees currently poses a challenge for the country.
  • There are also large mixed migration flows to the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially from Afghanistan. Aside from seeking refugee status, many Afghans migrate to the Islamic Republic of Iran for work. Compared to some neighbouring countries, the country’s high wages, relative economic and social stability and comprehensive social system, constitute a strong pull factor for migrants from the subregion.
  • Migration to the Islamic Republic of Iran is likely to continue due to the economic disparities within the subregion and the low growth among the young labour force in the Islamic Republic of Iran.