Labour Migration Outflow Database

The present database on labour migrant outflows compiles time series data on annual labour outflows from select countries of origin to respective countries of destination. For example the database can display how many migrants from Bangladesh left Bangladesh in each year between 1976-2013 to work in the United Arab Emirates. Please note that these data to not display the stock of migrants currently working in a specific country of destination.

These outflow data were compiled by ESCAP, based on official administrative records from countries of origin, typically by the overseas administration. These data are largely based on records of permits for overseas employment or emigration clearance. Those administrative records are often the only available source on labour out-migration in a country. However, administrative records in some cases may under-estimate the number of labour migrants, as many migrants leave the country for work without official clearance.

These data show time series of labour migrant outflows to each country of destination.

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